There are so many night photography websites on the internet, that maintaining this page has become unmanageable. Many of the sites that I used to link to no longer exist. I'm in the process of re-updating this page. If I did not include your link (and if you're willing to link back to my site), please let me know.



The Nocturnes. This is the place to get started. The Nocturnes is a vast collection of information about night photography.  This site includes a comprehensive collection of instructions, tips, interviews, links and lists of books on night photography. They also host great night photography workshops and on-line photography contests. I can personally vouch for the quality of their great night photography workshops, which are usually held in San Francisco, CA.

Lost America is an outstanding collection of night photographs of abandoned buildings in the southwest United States.  Troy Paiva uses colored flash equipment to illuminate buildings photographed under a full moon. And, for good or bad, Troy is the person most responsible for getting me hooked on night photography.

Lance Keimig is one of the founders of The Nocturnes Workshop series and has his own website of fine art night photography. Lance teaches night photography classes in Boston. MA, and leads photography trips to destinations such as Ireland, Scotland and other points in Europe.

Michael Kenna is the most widely-published night photographer. His low-light photographs of the ocean and lakeshores are unbelievable.

Tom Paiva is a professional free-lance photographer in Southern California specializing in night photography of the maritime industry. 

Rolfe Horn specializes in B/W night photography. His site includes a great section that goes into some detail about the his darkroom technique.

Todd Hido is a very successful Bay Area photographer who has done some outstanding color night photographs of suburban neighborhoods. If you catch someone photographing your house at night, it's probably Todd.

Jeff Brouws wrote one of the landmark books in night photography: Inside the Live Reptile Tent. He now has a lot of that work, plus more, on his website.

CBDPhoto is the home of  Alan Delaney, the author of  another of the landmark books on night photography: London After Dark. Along with the canon of Michael Kenna's books, Alan Delaney's book has had the biggest influence on my night photography.

Bill Schwab: really high-class black-and-white night photos of Iceland and the Michigan, USA area.

WIlliam Lesch was one of the pioneers of light painting at night. Check out his book Expansions, if you can find it.

Brian Kelly, also from Michigan, focuses on B/W urban night photography. Brian is best known for his book of night photography on Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mathew Donovan Lennert has worked in B/W around the U.S., and has recently settled back in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Neil Folberg composites black-and-white night landscapes with long-exposure night skies.

David Frokos has some beautiful long exposure work, much of it along the Massachusetts coastline.



Deb Rourke, another Nocturne, has a new site with night photographs from Angel Island and the Marin Headlands.

Susanne Friedrich, another Nocturne, has taken the interesting approach of using a Holga for her night photography.

Lane Hartwell sold me some colored gels, by mail, three years ago. Last year, I finally had a chance to go shooting with her.  Her website has a lot of nice work from Alameda, CA. You can find more of her work here.

Joe Reifer has been very busy shooting in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've personally met three new night photographers through Joe.

Tom Morrow was the only person willing to go shooting with me at Half Moon Bay one cold, foggy summer evening. He has an amazing ability to find night shots in spots that I never notice.

Steve Walsh had done some great light painting work in the Bay Area.

Rikki Feldman seems to have no fear of abandoned buildings. Great photographs of night locations that I never recognize.

Mark Jaremko's work ethic is an inspiration to all of us. Sometimes he "stops by" after work at 10pm to start shooting.

Adam Moore has some spectacular B/W night photographs, many from the Bay Area.

Larrie Thomson: great night photos from ghost towns and abandoned mines from Alberta, Canada.

Kyo Suayan has done some beautiful black-and-white night work along the edge of the San Francisco Bay.

Howie Spielman has done some great work with long-exposures of traffic; often taken from within his car.

Stu Jenks has some great photographs from the desert, many taken under the full moon and a Zippo lighter. I love Stu's home page with his random thoughts and anecdotes about photography.

Christian Waeber has done some great square-format night work in, I think, Cape Cod, Mass.

Doug Miller's Midnight Exposure has great night photos of Cincinnati, Indianapolis and the Bay Area.

Michael Frye has another outstanding gallery of desert plant life and archeological ruins illuminated with colored flashes.

Jason Mullins has some great b/w work from Mendocino County, CA.

Mark Warren, another Bay Area Nocturne, has a great aptly-named site called Peculiar Planet.

I recently met Marcus Kaz, who has a great website of night photographs and a photography blog.

John Vias, who has done some great night work around Berkeley, CA. Make sure you check out his Artists Statement, which eloquently captures the essence of, especially for many of us, night photography.

Color of Night is a new website from another San Francisco Nocturne, Marc Babsin. His work focuses on architectural night photography.

Sharon Lowe has a great collection of night photographs from Boston, many of which were taken digitally.

Christian Waeber has some great night photographs of the "Big Dig" project in Boston, Massachusetts.

2AM Photography is Vance's site of moody, B/W night photographs from Virginia.

29 Moons is John Connor's new site, from New Mexico.

Mark Interrante, another Nocturne, has some great night photographs of San Francisco and Paris.

Pat Brockaway, another Nocturne, has a new website with some great new black-and-white night photographs.

Angela Wang, another Nocturne, has some stunning color night photographs including Sutro Baths.



Last, but not least, if you would like to see more of my photographs, especially more recent (and un-edited) work, please visit my Flickr! account.